CROPS is proud to present the first exhibition together with Amsterdam based collage artist Tom Lawrence

Trash These Chairs is a cut and paste illustration studio based in Amsterdam
run by Tom Lawrence. He uses traditional collage methods and serendipity. Tom's weapons of choice are letterset, old wet cardboard, billboards, wallpaper sample sheets.

The Art Of Texture is a documentary about Tom's work as an artist living in Amsterdam, who brings new life to what most people consider street rubbish.

"Why do I collect rubbish? I see a lot of potential in stuff, I like to recycle and I quite often think further ahead when something breaks or isn’t used anymore, question like; What are the best bits from it? Can I use it in another way? This is something I was brought up doing, so I guess that’s why I collect stuff from the streets and then channel it through my art."

Sometimes it’s very hard to know when to stop.

Tom Lawrence

Tom’s work is for sale! Each artwork is unique and made from recycled materials, most of which is street rubbish. The work below is suited for wall mounting as most are created on recycled canvases or abandoned pieces of wood. More work in all shapes sizes, including his gluebooks can be found at

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